Scales automatic dosage

Our Scales Automatic Dosage are composed for:

Automaton with modules of income and exits

Tactile screen for the control and management of formulae

Visor of weight

We have several models of Scales with Automatic Dosage:

DAIM P1-06 1 Scale 12 Products 24 Formulae
DAIM P2-06 1 Scale 24 Products 99 Formulae
DAIM P3-06 1 Scale 48 Products 99 Formulae
DAIM P4-06 2 Scales 6+6 Products 24 Formulae
DAIM P5-06 2 Scales 12+12 Products 99 Formulae
DAIM MP11-16* 1 Scale 6 Products 99 Formulae

* This model the DAIM MP11-16 includes variators of frequency for speed control of the products, ideal for micro-dosage.

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