Automatismos Industriales de la Mancha S.L.

Constituted en 1999, Automatismos Industriales de la Mancha S.L. it is a company with solid experience in the provision of services and automation of agroindustrial facilities, industrial processes, dosing and pesaje.

In any industrial process composed for more of 5 machines it is suitable to think about a major productivity, functionality and saving.

To automate an industrial process has multiple advantages and prominent mas is the energetic saving. That is obtained on having had the machines working only when it proceeds.

All our works executed fulfilling the prescriptions indicated in the safety regulations and technical procedure of obliged fulfillment for the type of installation that it wants to developed, so much of national area, since autonomous and municipally.

Our experience in automation spreads to:

Automation of the complete process of manufacture of fodder for bovine animals, pig, etc.

Automation of a process of calcination of circonita.

Automation of a plant of storage and unload of cereals.

Automation of the complete process of a plant of fertilizers and credits.

Automation of biomass. It plants asphalt.


Discover our works:

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