Grinding processes fuel (wood)

One of the best credentials that can define our products are customers.

One of our clients to whom we him have realized several processes of Automation Biomass is CEDER-CIEMAT, the Center of Development or Renewable Energies (CEDER), located in Los Altos de Lubia (Soria) and assigned to the department of Energy of the CIEMAT (Center of Energetic, Environmental and Technological investigations), it is considered to be a pioneering center in Spain in the field of the energetic utilization of the Biomass. We they realice the Picture of Control for the process of grinding of fuel Biomass.

This experimental plant was commanded by an Electrical Cupboard composed by the synoptic one the process by two-color pilots for the indication of the condition of the machines, variators of frequency, analyzer of ETHERNET networks, PLC, Tactile ETHERNET Screen and a computer connected in Network for the acquisition of information.

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