Industrial electrical

Industrial electrical panels

Industrial Process Control Cabinets are those Electrical Panels intended to control the correct operation of all the equipment involved in an industrial process. They are also in charge of storing data and carrying out maneuvers related to each piece of equipment that makes up said process.

The Electrical Control Panels manage a process, which can be more or less complex, by means of one or more PLC's. In addition, they usually incorporate some type of human-machine interface such as a Touch Screen, Tablet, Computer. On the other hand, the possibility of connecting to the network of these panels is increasing enormously, allowing to carry out support and maintenance tasks remotely, quickly and efficiently.

The industrial cloud is one of the main elements of what is already known as the fourth revolution that will completely change the way data is managed thanks in part to the standardization of the Internet of Things. Industrial 4.0

This virtual space works by hiring certain services, all of which are necessary, which will allow you to manage the information and store it safely on the servers. Through the use of the Internet you will have access to different software that will be the ones we will use to modify our files, share them and store them safely.

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